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 Shirokaze Do Shotokan 


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Shirokaze Do Shotokan Karate Club is owned and run by Paul Drayton

He can be contacted at the following address

Sensei Drayton
125 West Haven Road
CZ14 7RB

email: paul@sensei.coz.

The Club is firmly based on the beliefs and principles established by Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957).

The priciples the Shotokan School is based upon the details below.
  • Never forget: karate begins with rei and ends with rei (Rei means courtesy or respect, and is represented in karate by bowing)
  • There is no first attack in karate
  • Karate supports righteousness
  • First understand yourself, then understand others
  • The art of developing the mind is more important than the art of applying technique
  • The mind needs to be freed
  • Trouble is born of negligence / ignorance
  • Do not think karate belongs only in the dojo
  • Karate training requires a lifetime
  • Transform everything into karate; therein lies its exquisiteness
  • Karate is like hot water, if you do not give it heat constantly, it will again become cold water
  • Do not think that you have to win, rather think you do not have to lose
  • Transform yourself according to the opponent
  • The outcome of the fight depends on one's control
  • Imagine one's arms and legs as swords
  • Once you leave the shelter of home, there are a million enemies
  • Postures are for the beginner; later they are natural positions
  • Perform the kata correctly; the real fight is a different matter
  • Do not forget control of the dynamics of power, the elasticity of the body and the speed of the technique
  • Apply the way of Karate to all things. Therein lies its beauty.

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